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Cortex is a group of researchers, engineers and scientists working together to build state of the art machine learning technologies within Twitter.

Twitter is what’s happening in the world right now and operating at such a global scale brings massive research and engineering challenges. Cortex exists to solve these challenges through development and application of new machine learning techniques, aiming to ensure that users have the best possible experience across all of Twitter’s platforms and media - from connecting users with the best content to enhancing video quality.

Our world-class team of engineers and researchers work across all levels of the Twitter stack and across all products, with core technologies developed by Cortex becoming essential parts of Twitter, Vine and Periscope on both Web and Mobile. We’re committed to open source and open publishing and work on long-term research alongside fast product development.

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We are seeking brilliant machine learning researchers, data scientists, and software engineers who want to be part of a world‑class team working on the most exciting technology applied to Twitter data.